Things I’ll Do

I made my bucket list.

and I realized that rest of my life is so short…

my bucket list

  1. leave office I’m living in now
  2. move to Geekhouse
  3. live in Sapporo
  4. live in Fukuoka
  5. live in Okinawa
  6. live in Shenzhen
  7. live in San Francisco
  8. live in Seattle
  9. live in Tallin
  10. live in Toronto
  11. live in Vancouver
  12. live in Tel Aviv
  13. live in Berlin
  14. live in Sydney
  15. live in Amsterdam
  16. live in Shanghai
  17. live in HongKong
  18. live in Singapore
  19. live in Bangalore
  20. live in Bangkok
  21. the trip to IIT
  22. the trip to MIT
  23. a trip to Stanford
  24. a trip to Caltech
  25. strength body like navy seals
  26. above TOEFL110 (or IELTS8.0)
  27. computer science degree of US/UK universities if it’s needed
  28. implant AI in my brain
  29. the hybrid human with technology
  30. an intraocular lens

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